Thailand suspends egg exports as hoarding continues in COVID-19 panic


BANGKOK – Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit announced suspension of egg exports for seven days to safeguard domestic supply.

He said Thailand can produce 40 million chicken eggs per day normally but the increased demand by 2-3 times in the past few days due to Covid-19 panic buying and hoarding have caused the shortage of eggs.

The ministry has issued an announcement to temporarily ban chicken egg exports for seven days, put into effect today.

The ban will be extended, if eggs are still in short of supply, he said.

The commerce ministry also works with the Department of Livestock Development to ensure the implementation of the ban on egg exports.

Jurin said his ministry would control the egg prices to stay around 3.30 -3.50 baht per egg and would take legal action against shops, selling eggs in scarce supply at inflated prices.

Violators face a maximum seven years in jail and/or a maximum fine of 140,000 baht, he said. (TNA)