Private sector guarantees enough consumer products in Thailand during COVID-19 panic


BANGKOK, March 16 (TNA) – The Federation of Thai Industries has assured that there were enough consumer products and people did not need to stockpile them.

In response to consumers’ rush into considerably buying consumer products at modern trade stores, FTI chairman Supant Mongkolsuthree said Thailand was a major producer and exporter of consumer products of the world, so consumers did not have to panic.

“Thai manufacturers in the consumer product sector are surely able to meet domestic demand. We do not have to panic and stockpile products like people in other countries that are not the sources of consumer products. Unlike them, Thailand is the production base of foods and consumer products including rice, instant noodles, canned fish, tissue paper and drinking water,” Mr Supant said.

“I have checked with major producers in the industry and found no problems at all. Products ran out for a short moment just because people rushed into stockpiling goods.”

Mr Supant said he did not think that the government would lock down the country and also said that convenience stores would remain open for consumers.

“Industrialists are concerned about uncertainty on the extent of the epidemic and its impacts on industries,” he said.

He added that industries were benefiting from lower oil prices but the tourism industry needed assistance from the government because the new coronavirus disease directly affected it.