PM targets food export to grow by 12%


BANGKOK, 24 May 2012  – With its official launch on Wednesday, the THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2012 is expected to generate no less than 420 million dollars in revenues as well as contribute to a 12% growth for food export this year. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday presided over the opening ceremony of the THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2012, which displays Thailand’s potential as the center of food production and distribution. Over 2,900 booths have been set up to showcase local and foreign products and services to the fair’s visitors. The event is estimated to bring in no less than 420 million dollars while also contributing to the country’s market expansion and achievement of the targeted 12% growth in the food export sector.

The PM deems the food and service industry an important revenue source for Thailand as it generates over 2 billion dollars each year. In an effort to build and regain confidence in the country following natural disasters, the government will implement the strategies to promote the Thai kitchen to the world and to develop the country’s Halal food market to a universal level.

The THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2012, now underway, is held at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thai during 23-27 May The first three days of the event is reserved for business negotiations between Thai and foreign entrepreneurs. The general public will be able to visit the THAIFEX on 26-27 May to purchase food products from various countries across the globe. Additionally, a cooking contest will also be held by the World Association of Chef Society (WACS) to find this year’s best Thai chef.