Energy Minister aims to reduce energy use by 10%


BANGKOK, 24 May 2012  – The Energy Ministry is determined to recruit over 10,000 government agencies to join its campaign to reduce energy usage by 10%, while targeting to save up to 1.61 billion baht. 

Energy Minister Arak Chonlatanon has disclosed that his ministry is set to encourage the participation of over 10,000 government offices nationwide in the effort to cut down energy consumption by at least 10%. The objective of the campaign is to reduce the country’s expenses in fuel import. At the same time, energy conservation will be used as an index to evaluate the performance of each agency. It is expected that, with the participation of these government units, the cost of energy will be reduced by 1.61 billion baht while carbon dioxide emission will be lowered by 227,000 tonnes.

The energy conservation campaign will urge participating units from the public sector to use electric fans, clean air conditioners, lower air-conditioning temperature by 1 degree Celsius, reduce air-conditioning usage by 1 hour, turn off unused lights during lunch break, etc. They will also be encouraged to save energy by driving at under 90 km/hour and use the carpool system, among others.

Meanwhile, Director-General of the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) Suthep Liamsiricharoen said that with the participation of government agencies, electricity usage will be reduced by 316.9 million units, worth 950 million baht. Meanwhile, fuel consumption will be reduced by 19.1 million liters, saving the country an equivalent of 669 million baht.