Labor Ministry: Unemployment declines after political conflicts defused


BANGKOK, 25 July 2014,  – The nation’s unemployment rate has dropped as the political conflicts have been defused, says the Labor Ministry.

The Labor Ministry revealed yesterday that the number of people gainfully employed rose to 9.85 million in June, an increase of 2.66% from that in the month of May.

Meanwhile, the number of the unemployed claiming social security compensation benefits last month was 117,145, a small drop from May’s 109,443, but slightly higher on-year.

7.31 % of the nation’s workforce were unemployed in May, decreasing from the April’s figure of 9.96 %. The drop is attributed to the improvement in the political sector.

However, it remains to be seen whether the downgrade to Tier 3 of the nation in the US Trafficking in Persons report would affect the kingdom’s employment situation.