GSB sets aside 30 billion baht as loans for SME and OTOP operators


BANGKOK, 25 July 2014  – The Government Savings Bank (GSB) revealed that during the latter half of this year it would emphasize more on lending to SME operators.

The bank has set aside 20 billion baht for its Sukjai Credit scheme and another 10 billion baht for a microfinancing program for OTOP and SME operators.

The two financial packages will be extended to SME operators with no more than 50 million baht in financial outlays.

The GSB and the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation will early next week sign a memorandum of understanding to help SME business operators secure retail loans easier.

The GSB had extended more than 90 billion baht in loans during the first half of this year, against the target of 75 billion baht. About 10% of the loan recipients are government units and large-scale entrepreneurs. The remaining 90% are SME operators.

The figures strongly suggest the bank should adjust its policies to favor smaller clients, the GSB pointed out.