Labor activists urge for inclusion of informal workers into system


A group of labor activists is urging the National Legislative Assembly to include informal workers into the country’s system.

Vice chairman of the NLA’s special committee in charge of the drafting of laws related to the National Savings Fund and the Social Security Fund Isara Vongkusolkit has accepted a letter from leader of the group representing informal workers Somkid Duong-ngoen, which asks for a rethink about some of the committee’s plans.

The group would like the NLA not to transfer members of the Social Security Fund’s Article 40 to the National Savings Fund as they do not agree with taking informal workers out of the existing system.

The petitioners said that informal workers deserve to receive the same benefits and protection under the Social Security Fund as formal employees.

They also stated that the transfer of some welfare for aged informal workers to the National Savings Fund will lead to lesser benefits for those affected.

In the petition, the group also insisted that all labor-related laws should not carry any retroactive effect, particularly when it involves existing benefits and rights granted to the public.

Isara has informed the petitioners he will bring all proposals to the special committee’s attention and work out the details in such a way that will benefit all parties.