Government to present 6 draft digital economy-related laws to NLA


The government is preparing the first set of draft laws related to the introduction of the digital economy for the deliberation of the National Legislative Assembly.

The NLA held a seminar on “the drafting of digital economy laws” to hear the information on related draft laws from Deputy Prime Minister M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula and to exchange ideas on the issue between the government and the legislature.

M.R. Pridiyathorn said that the government has already prepared six drafts of digital economy-related laws which will be presented to the NLA for deliberation soon.

These drafts include the laws on e-transactions, computer crimes, cyber security, the setting up of Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) and the protection of private information. There is also a draft law on a new organization in charge of the allocation of frequency and the regulation of telecommunications industry.

He added that the proposal to change the name of the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society was intended to make sure that ICT will cover all aspects of the industry, including the well-being of the people.