KBank: Thai enterprises look for more investment opportunities overseas


BANGKOK, 8 May 2014 – According to Kasikorn Bank, Thai corporates have shifted their attention to other countries thanks to political unrest in Thailand.

KBank Executive Vice President Vasin Vanichvoranun has revealed its latest survey on investment sentiment, saying 60 percent of the planned investment projects are to be launched overseas and the projected amount to be invested by the Thai firms will be as high as 1.5 trillion baht. Last year, only 35 percent of investment projects were targeted for overseas, he added.

He noted that most of the planned overseas investments will be made in ASEAN countries, with Myanmar topping the list, followed by Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Singapore.

The survey also shows that only 10 percent of investors will push ahead with their planned investments, while the rest are waiting to see how the current political situation unfolds.


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