BOT introduces new 500-baht banknote


BANGKOK, 8 May 2014  – The Central Bank has unveiled its latest edition of 500-baht banknote, which will be in circulation beginning on May 12. 

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BOT) Tongurai Limpiti said the new generation 500-baht banknotes will enter the circulation next Monday (May 12). According to her, the new notes will have the exact same size as the current ones, but the difference between the two is that the new ones will have enhanced security features to facilitate authentication by banknote sorting machine and members of the public, including the visually impaired.

The deputy governor anticipated that all of the old 500-baht notes, which have been used for more than 12 years, will be replaced by the new ones in two years’ time.

The new 500-Baht banknote can be exchanged at every commercial bank across Thailand.