Installing LED light will save energy at Suvarnabhumi airport


BAGNKOK, 6 June 2014  – PEA governor Numchai Lorwattanatrakul has notified the traveling public that an agreement between the PEA and the Airports of Thailand (AOT) is a cooperative venture to save on energy usage in Suvarnabhumi airport. There are currently more than 70,000 light bulbs at the airport. The PEA governor is confident that 50% of the power consumption can be saved as a result of this cooperation. PEA and AOT are currently studying appropriate methods of implementation and an investment budget.

The AOT Director Mekin Petplai added that AOT is considering lowering overall energy consumption at the airport by adopting new technology. If this project operates efficiently, AOT will immediately introduce similar projects at the five other airports as well as in other divisions.

The investment is approximately 150 million baht and it is planned to start changing to LED light bulbs in 6 months. It will then take 3 years to reach its break-even point.