Finance Minister admits talks underway for raising alcohol tax


BANGKOK, 29 August 2013 Finance Minister Kittirat Na Ranong has admitted there has been discussion among the Cabinet members on the raising of taxes on liquor, although enforcement of the new taxation rate will not be carried out any time soon. 

According to Mr. Kittirat, the discussion has to do with changing the per-liter tax ceiling to 2,000 baht per liter for all types of liquor. Currently, wine and beer are taxed at 60% plus another 100 baht per liter of alcohol content. Whiskey, brandy and special liquor are taxed at 50% in addition to another 400 baht per liter of alcohol content.

However,much more remains to be done before the new ceiling can be implemented, meaning the prices of liquor will remain the same for the time being. Mr. Kittirat

The finance minister also spoke of the creation of a fund which will take 1.5 to 2 percent of alcohol excise tax collected. Although it is yet to be established, the fund, of which the initial amount is expected to be 1 billion baht, will go toward supporting the handicapped, and paying for education, as well as financing the Excise Department’s activities. Minister Kittirat has likened the fund to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.