Water 4 Life 24/7 water filters donated to Koto & Miss Gat


On Friday 16th of August ReStart Life visited Koto to deliver Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard’s water filters to a poor family in the area. Green Pattaya also gave Koto a water filter, an official stamp for meetings with Pattaya City Hall and a banner.

Ms Gat, as we know her, always helps Koto clean the beaches around Jomtien with Nit Noi. Ms Gat does not have an easy life but she always smiles. Despite her problems, she is always happy. In contrast, we see how easy our lives are. We can take a step back and see how happy she is with so little and so many problems.

(L to R) Paul, Ms Gat, Gerry (Koto), and Neo.(L to R) Paul, Ms Gat, Gerry (Koto), and Neo.

ReStart Life is looking for a hospital or a donor who can help Ms Gat with her daily medical needs to make her life better. By cleaning the beaches daily, she helps the community with no compensation.

The family with the father also takes care of some stray dogs in their small “house”. Thanks to the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Water 4 Life filters, everybody can drink clean water. ReStart Life project will be back later to see how they are doing.

Paul and Neo, Rotary Members from RCES, presented the water filters.  ReStart Life, Green Pattaya & Water 4 Life 24/7 are Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard projects.