Commerce Ministry touting idea of ‘Low Cost Department Stores’


BANGKOK, 29 Jan 2015,  The Ministry of Commerce has proposed the idea of establishing ‘Low Cost Department Stores’, in its bid to enable to cut living expenses.

According to Commerce Minister, General Chatchai Sarikallaya, he has earlier discussed the idea and the feasibility of the project with the private sector. The ministry aims to establish 14 such supermarkets by the end of this year, and 142 within 5 years.

The project is in accordance with Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha’s policy aimed at easing consumers’ financial burden. The minister said a private company has already expressed its interest in the program, agreeing to fund the whole project itself.

The ministry would ask manufacturers sell at cost all items to be sold in the these low cost stores, which do not focus on package design but rather on function and quality.

The Minister is confident that the establishment of these stores would not affect local grocery stores, as the department would use zoning to prevent such a problem.

He will further discuss the details with the private sector next week, said the minister.