ABAC Poll: SME operators are waiting for state measures to ease impact of higher minimum wage



BANGKOK, 6 April 2012  – The latest poll has found that SME business operators are still waiting for government measures to ease the impact of a new daily minimum wage of 300 baht.


ABAC Poll has joined the Personnel Administration Associations (PAAs) in the latest survey on the impact of the new 300-baht minimum wage and the new 15,000-baht minimum salary on SME business operators and the public.

The study was conducted in 7 pioneering provinces, where the new minimum wage and salary are implemented, including Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom and Phuket, during March 25th and April 4th.

The survey found that 94 percent of the SME operators, who answered the questionnaires, are aware of the wage and salary rise, while around 86.7 percent of them conceded to have been affected by higher costs.

ABAC Poll also found that 85.5 percent of the SME respondents stated that the government remains unclear in its new measures to alleviate the impact of the new wage and salary.

For the general public, 90.5 percent said that goods and service prices have been adjusted upward before the new wage and salary are to be in effect on April 1st.

Moreover, around 47.5 percent of people said the most wanted measure from the government is more effective goods and service price control.

The surveyors also asked a group of new university graduates about their worries over the effect of the 15,000-baht salary policy, about 62.8 percent said they are afraid that they may not find jobs.