24 million labors asked to join social security system


BANGKOK, 6 April 2012  – The Labor Ministry is opening up its social security system allowing unofficial workers or those who are not in the system to join the program. 

According to Labor Minister Padermchai Sasomsap, the ministry now allows 24 million workers who do not have a social security to register for it. These workers include freelance workers, housemaids, taxi drivers, motorcycle taxi riders, street vendors, and other labors.

Mr Padermchai said they have to be 15-60 years old and must have an identification card. The minimum payment for the social security is 100 baht a month.

Under the program, they will be compensated if they are admitted to the hospital, crippled, or dead.

According to the National Statistical Office, in 2010, 24 million workers in Thailand or 62% are not in the social security system. The nation has altogether around 38.7 million workers.