Give yourself a subject

City Walk.

There is so much more to photography than pictures of your aunt Maude and the nephews next time they come to Thailand. Do yourself a favor and start to look at what is around you. And what could make an interesting photograph.

There are six photographs with this week’s column. None of them are related to each other, but they are simply six subjects snapped within 500 meters of my office. The six were taken with the camera in Auto mode and at 9.30 a.m. so there was nothing technical in getting the shots.

Joe Louis theatre.

The subject for Pic 1 was found by looking up, and there is the advertising for the City Walk. You will not have seen it if you don’t look up every so often.

Continuing the City Walk there is the stage built for the Joe Louis players, rising above the greenery. It actually looks quite dramatic from this angle and again needed to look up.

Along one wall of the City Walk is a fountain/statue. In the morning light you get interesting areas of shade and brightness.

This fourth photo is interesting, as it looks as if it were taken somewhere around the Sukhothai region, when in fact it is 50 meters from Second Road in the grounds of the Marriott Resort. When you see these classical Thai buildings anywhere, you should stop and get a few photographs.


Once again, photo 5 was only possible after looking up, and finding the macaw in a tree. Difficult to photograph as he moved around so much, and the owner would not have liked me using super-glue on his feet!

Finally, once again looking up, there is the familiar (to Pattaya folk) site of the DC3 above the Royal Garden Plaza. You can take this by shooting from Second Road, but I liked this angle better, getting right underneath the plane and shooting in portrait, rather than landscape.

There are many great subjects to photograph, and sometimes it just needs a little bit of careful observation to see them.

Salas in rural Thailand.

Macaw in the ‘wild’.

Royal Garden Plaza’s DC3.