Life at 33 1/3: Bottled Up and Going Down


Alice Cooper, Alice Cooper Goes To Hell (Warner Brothers)

Released: June 25, 1976

The sequel to “Welcome To My Nightmare” in every possible way. An extension of the story, and just as dark. Although Alice originally might have planned «Alice Cooper Goes To Hell» as satire, it turned out to be too realistic for comfort.  Cooper’s hell was real enough, being lost to demon alcohol and on his way to self destruction.

Just like its predecessor “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell” is a mixture of pompous rockers, show tunes and tender ballads. Only a few of the tracks carry their own weight, they work better as parts of the concept than they do alone. The idea was to take the show out on the road, but Alice was in such bad shape, he had to cancel the tour.

The ballad “I Never Cry” is one of the album’s strongest tracks. All the make-up in the world couldn’t cover the protagonist’s identity:

Sometimes I drink more than I need

Until the TV’s dead and gone

I may be lonely but I’m never alone

And the night may pass me by

But I’ll never cry

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The following year he released «Lace And Whiskey» and did some extensive touring in the US and Canada, but his drinking problems were by now towering and he finally checked in at a New York-sanitarium for rehab. His next album would be based on this experience, being named, not surprisingly, «From The Inside».


With «Alice Cooper Goes To Hell» the band Alice Cooper was officially dissolved, and his solo career as the dark prince of entertainment became permanent.

Produced by: Bob Ezrin

All songs written by Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner and Bob Ezrin, except where noted.

Contents: Go to Hell/You Gotta Dance/I’m the Coolest/Didn’t We Meet/I Never Cry” (Cooper-Wagner)/Give the Kid a Break/Guilty/Wake Me Gently/Wish You Were Here/I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” (Carroll-McCarthy)/Going Home