US understands Thailand’s measures to address human trafficking problems


BANGKOK, July 29 —  The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the United States has acknowledged labour solutions in National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) actions and might remove four Thai products from its child and forced labour watch list.

Songsak Saicheua, director-general of the Department of American and South Pacific Affairs, said he and representatives of eight Thai food associations visited the United States July 19 to 25 and met government officials, wholesalers and trade union members.

The delegation presented Thailand’s solutions to alien labour and human trafficking.

It emphasized that the NCPO was seriously tackling the problems and bringing illegal migrant workers to Thailand’s formal labour system by registering them at one-stop service centers to protect them from abuse and human trafficking.

“I presented the establishment of 12 special economic zones along the border, solutions to all labour [problems] in the fisheries and marine industries, and a marine labor bill that will systematically protect fishery workers who will have 30 vacation days per year. The NCPO approved it and will forward it to the National Legislative Assembly,” he said.

Besides, he said, there was a law to integrate labour protection and make relevant operations serious and fair. The explanation made the US better understand the systematic labour solutions of the NCPO and realize they are sincere measures.

It was likely that the US will remove four products–sugarcane, shrimp, fish and garments–from its child and forced labour watch list, said Mr Songsak.

“This may begin with sugarcane. I will send additional information in August and will wait for announcements in September,” Mr Songsak said.

US business operators understood and have confidence in the work of the NCPO and they insisted on continuing to buy Thai products.