Samut Prakan locals demand closure of Praekkasa landfill


BANGKOK, 8 April 2014 – Residents living in the surrounding areas of the Praekkasa landfill have requested the governor of Samut Prakan to permanently close down the dump site following repeated fire incidents.

About 100 locals previously affected by garbage fires at the Praekkasa ground today gathered in front of the Samut Prakan City Hall to call on Governor Kanit Iamrahong to clarify the province’s measures to prevent recurrences of the fires. The governor then invited the group to a meeting to listen to their suggestions.

The troubled residents reportedly expressed their wish for a permanent shutdown of the Praekkasa landfill. They also claimed that a number of people in affected communities had not been given their compensation by the province.

In response, Governor Kanit explained that the Praekkasa Tambon Administrative Organization was the agency empowered to make a decision whether or not to close down the dump site as demanded. A committee will be set up to study ways to deal with this matter while the locals will be allowed to become part of the panel so as to make their voices heard.

As for the rehabilitation process, representatives from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security noted that only the affected residents who had to reside at the evacuation center during the fires were entitled to financial compensation; the rest had been given assistance in the form of relief packages. So far, around 70 evacuees have been compensated at the rate of 2,000 baht each.