Police seized 200,000 of meth pills in Chacherngsao


CHACHIRNGSAO, 3 May 2014, – Anti-narcotic police in Chacherngsao have arrested several drug dealers, seizing more than 200,000 meth pills.

According to Region 2 Police Commander, Pol. Lt. Gen. Kawee Suphanant, his unit yesterday apprehended Aluu Sangmhee, a resident from Mae Fha Luang in Chiang Mai, for possessing 230,000 methamphetamine pills.

The arrest of the dealer stemmed from a series of smaller drug busts, said the commander, elaborating that the operation began with an arrest of a small-time drug peddler at one of the police check points. The suspect confessed to the crime and implicated 2 accomplices.

After apprehending the two accomplices, the police then arrested a middle man identified by the duo. The middle man subsequently identified Mr. Aluu as a major drug supplier, which eventually led to his arrest.

Mr. Aluu confessed to the crime, saying that he paid the middleman 50,000 baht to deliver the meth pills to his clients.