Police: Over 6,000 complaints of voting obstruction filed


BANGKOK, 2 February 2014 – Over 6,000 election-related complaints have been filed with police so far, said the Royal Thai Police spokesperson.

According to Police Major General Piya Uthayo, the Spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police, police have so far received 6,200 complaints related to the election from voters throughout the day. Of the number, 4,826 complaints were general-election-related and the rest were for the early voting. More than 90% of the complaints were from people in Bangkok.

The majority of complaints centered on the obstruction of voting by political protesters and lack of election personnel at certain poll stations. The police chief has order an investigation into each complaint to determine whether violations of the law occurred. People found guilty of obstructing voting face 1-5 years in prison and 20,000-100,000 baht in fines, in addition to the revocation of their voting rights for 5 years. People found guilty of obstructing voting in areas where the Emergency Decree is in effect face even harsher sentences.

Election personnel found to have intentionally neglected their duties face a jail term of 1-10 year and a fine of 20,000-200,000 baht as well as a revocation of their voting rights for 10 years.

83,813 out of the 93,961 election units nationwide, (89.2%), were able to open their ballot boxes. 6,194 out of 6,671 election units (62.8%) in Bangkok were able to do so. No major voting irregularities have been reported, added the police spokesperson.