It’s now illegal to abandon animals at temples


Bangkok – People are being urged not to abandon their pets at temples or face legal charges under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act and the Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act.

The Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand received a letter from the Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) asking it to prevent people from abandoning their animals at the monasteries.

The growing number of forsaken animals at temples has also prompted the TSPCA to promote better animal treatment and raise awareness of the legal consequences the pet owners could face for abandoning their animals.

To solve this problem, the Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand has instructed all temples to ban animal abandonment and trade on their premises. Anyone caught trying to do so will receive a maximum fine of 40,000 baht and a jail term of up to four years.

  • pierre a

    With the well overcrowded number of dogs in Thailand, better to make it legal to serve it in restaurant. That will attract more Chinese tourist too…

    • Robert Lilly

      What a lovely comment. Maybe the Thai government should be more proactive and sponsor (a lot) of mobile spaying clinics. Dumping dogs is thoughtless and cruel. Not only are dogs left to starve but they have to fit in with other stray dogs who are most likely to be territorial. So have some empathy for these poor animals, imagine if you were dumped in this manner by HUMANS. It is humans after all, that are the cause of this mega Thai problem.