Many Bangkokians to avoid polls as they are sick of politics: Poll


BANGKOK, Feb 9 – “Fed up with politics” is a major reason claimed by Bangkokians who said they would not cast their ballots in the upcoming gubernatorial election, a university poll revealed on Saturday.

The Suan Dusit Rajabhat University Poll, or Suan Dusit Poll, on “Why Bangkokians won’t go to cast their ballots on gubernatorial election” surveyed 414 residents who said they will not vote or are still hesitant whether to vote on March 3 to select the new Bangkok governor.

Some 35.29 per cent said they will not vote because they are sick of politics, while 29.41 per cent claimed they will be busy on the voting day.

Another 17.65 per cent said they do not know who to vote for, while 11.77 percent believed that no matter who wins the election, he or she will not be able to solve the city’s problems.

One-third, or 34.78 per cent, suggested that concerned agencies should do more publicity or campaign to encourage Bangkokians to cast their ballots.

Roughly one quarter, or 26.08 pe rcent, said the campaign should focus on the benefits citizens will get from exercising their voting rights.