Activities across Thailand to celebrate the Queen’s birthday


BANGKOK, Aug 6 — Public and private agencies in Thailand are organising activities for the public to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 82nd birthday, which falls on Tuesday, August 12.

The Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation joined with Baan Karnchanapisek: Training and Teaching Centre for Children and Youths (Male), StopDrink Network, and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to set up activities for  National Mother’s Day 2014 celebrations under the slogan, “Bringing Back Happiness to Mothers”, with more than 100 youths have participated in the event.

Over 400 policemen from the Buriram police station have donated blood to the local Red Cross centre on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday this year. More than 150,000 cc of blood was collected and delivered to Buriram Hospital.

The Armed Forces Development Command of Na Kae district in Nakhon Panom organised a tree planting activity of 1,000 Siamese and Burmese Rosewood in line with the tree planting project in honour of Her Majesty the Queen to restore the forest area. Afterwards, the office also released more than 100,000 fish back into the waterways.

Krabi provinc joined in the celebrations by carrying out an activity called “Walkathon to Promote the Rebuilding of Mangrove Forests”, in honour of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The walkathon was set to take place starting from the Pu Dam Sculpture carrying on the main road into the heart of Thai southern Krabi province, aiming to promote the replanting of mangrove forests to return them to fertility.

Meanwhile, Buddhist0 devotees in over 470 temples across Pichit province joined in synchronism with Buddhist ceremonies and prayers to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand’s birthday, praying for her good health and happiness.