Thailand prepares jobs for Thai workers arriving from Libya


BANGKOK, Aug 7 — Thai Ministry of Labour is preparing jobs for over 2,800 skilled labourers working in Libya, in case the situation there escalates longer than a month from now.

Labour Permanent Secretary Jirasuk Sugandhajati said the Department of Employment continues to gather information on all  Thai workers returning from Libya to assist in alleviating their hardships until the situation in Libya returns to normal.

According to the labour official, each Thai worker returning from Libya would be given a funding of Bt15,000, which the ministry believes should help them get through live for one month.

Mr Jirasud said that if the returned workers decided that they wanted to be gainfully employed while being back in Thailand,  the Department of Employment has prepared 2,800 positions with the skilled labour branch to cater to the workers need s.

The department will also systematically prepare for moving the workers back to Libyan capital, Tripoli, once the situation there returns to normal, while workers interested in remaining to work in Thailand would be provided further assistance.

Twenty-four more Thai workers are arriving from Libya today via three flights, 87 others would arrive tomorrow, and another 74 on Saturday.