Thai-Cambodian trade in Surin reaches new record high


BANGKOK,29 March 2013 The border trade in Surin province has reportedly reached 1 billion baht for the first time. The figure is said to be the new record high as the situation on the border of Thailand and Cambodia remains calm. 

Surin’s trade official Sitthiporn Bangkeaw said the trade via Chong Jom checkpoint over the border of Thailand and Cambodia in Surin has seen steady growth and has now reached 1.06 billion baht and, according to him, the number continues to rise.

Mr. Sitthiporn said this is due to the relatively calm situation on the border and the prospect of ASEAN integration in 2015. He said these factors have prompted the export of fuel and everyday items from Thailand, while we need cassava from Cambodia for the industrial sector.

According to Mr. Sitthiporn, the export to Cambodia last year through the checkpoint was valued at 888 million baht, while the import from the country was worth 173 million baht. In January 2013, the overall border trade value at Chong Jom was 107 million baht, with fuel being the biggest export commodity, worth 69 million baht, from Thailand.

Other products in demand in Cambodia include fruit juice and condense milk, whereas Thailand imports cassava, used clothes and plastic items.