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Ongoing activities in Iceland - possibly through to summer

Ongoing activities in Iceland - possibly through to summer

(Photo by Icelandic Met Office)

Dr. Claus Rink,
Geoscientist and Special correspondent of Pattaya Media Group

The latest information received from the Icelandic Meteorological Office indicates that the explosive activity from the Eyjafjallaj๖kull volcano is continuing, with the ash plume reaching heights of up to around 18,000 ft. The Icelandic Met Office states that there are no signs that the eruption is about to end, with the volcanic eruption remaining dynamic.

The grey eruption plume is heading southeast and its height is similar to previous days. Observations from air and web cameras show similar activity to the past days. In the afternoon of May 12 there was an increase in explosive activity, giving a darker and slightly higher plume. The height of the eruption plume is ~5 km (17,000 ft).

Forecast of volcano ash (PM10) for May 15, 5 km high,
made by RIU, University of Cologne, Prof. Jacobs.