One world, one family

By Suchada Tupchai

The view of the world is changing and it is due to a great number of circumstances. Whether it’s an act of terrorism, a natural disaster or otherwise, our increasingly global view ensures that a major event affects every corner of the planet.

Thailand too has not escaped the problems. However, the hard work in extinguishing human created fires is just beginning as the potential disruptions and loss of life seeps into our very being.

This year, the International Institution of Peace through Tourism has joined forces with the World Travel Organization and over 40 similar institutions to hold a peace summit here in Pattaya.

The focus of The 3rd International Peace through Tourism conference was on the numerous global destinations subjected to acts of terrorism such as 9/11 in the US and last week’s second Bali bombing. The aim now is to search for ways to promote global peace through the concept of “One Earth, One Family: Travel & Tourism - Serving a Higher Purpose”.

Throughout the meeting, delegates stressed the need for not only containing the problem of terrorism but also preventing the situation from escalating.

Closer to home, the three troubled Southern provinces were highlighted and speakers and delegates explored associated issues with Malaysia and the trickle-down effects on the local economies.

The aim of this part of the conference was to focus on successfully presenting ideas and solutions to resolve the problems of Thailand’s South and use the results as a model for promoting unity and peace through solidarity.

The process is under way but ideology alone will not prevail. Only through understanding the roots of the problems can they be solved before we can return to a peaceful existence - providing those involved can put aside their egos and find common ground where everybody wins and solutions are agreed upon. Only through mediation and cooperation can this be achieved.