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Balancing the body’s systems through eating vegetarian food

Kamala Sukosol: My Journey

Master Patcharapol, the baby boy who made history

Applications accepted

Skål Thailand Prepares to celebrate 50th Anniversary

When Cindy weds Byron - part two

Pattaya promotes an International Art Exhibition


Balancing the body’s systems through eating vegetarian food

Chatchanan Chaisree

Vegetarian food is organic in nature and when eaten over a long period balances the body, giving it the ability to expel poisons and waste. It also improves the blood circulation and digestive system.

Fried yellow noodles is one of the more popular dishes.

Siriya Chitplodprong was just one of the many vegetarian food sellers in the Rojanatham Sathan Foundation’s premises at Sukhapibaal Road 3, in Sattahip, during the Vegetarian Food Festival.

She has been selling vegetarian food for the past eight years and says it is not only a matter of eating fresh vegetables like lettuce, radish, bamboo shoots and carrots, but it also comprises the consumption of agricultural proteins like flour, starch, soybean and tofu as the main ingredients for dishes such as thick fried noodles, yellow fried noodles and soups.

The choice of fruit and vegetables to be eaten should be based on an individual’s element makeup (earth, water, air and fire). Persons made up of the fire element should eat red and orange colored fruit and vegetables, while persons made up of the water element should eat black, blue and purple. Earth elements should eat yellow colored food.

This stall’s fried tofu is delicious.

The fresh vegetable market.

Kamala Sukosol: My Journey

A Concert to benefit the Thai Red Cross Society’s Breast Cancer Center

Kamala Sukosol returns to the stage in her upcoming annual charity concert, “Kamala Sukosol: My Journey,” to be held at the Kamolthip Ballroom in Siam City Hotel November 24-26. Proceeds will again benefit the Thai Red Cross Society’s Breast Cancer Center and this year, the funds raised will go toward the purchasing of much needed medical equipment.

Kamala Sukosol and her family will be performing in November.

Kamala will charm audiences with her personality and captivate them with her powerhouse voice as she takes them on a musical journey visiting several countries around the world. She will be backed by the 20-strong Prachin Songpow Big Band Jazz Orchestra led by conductor Piti Kayoonpan. Joining her will be members of her family: Krissada “Noi” of the rock band PRU, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, Daranee Sukosol Briones and granddaughter Natalia. The talented dancers from Aree School of Dance Arts will add grace and glamour to the performance.

The exciting program feature’s famous jazz selections, some Broadway numbers, Latin favourites, current pop hits and a section devoted to the late Prachin Songpow, Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. Some of the most popular tunes include the hit single Live & Learn.

Tickets to the concert are 1,500 / 1,200 / 1,000 / 700 baht for adults and 350 baht for students with I.D.

A gala dinner will be held on Friday November 25, and tickets for the gala are 40,000 and 35,000 baht per table

Tickets can be purchased at the Siam City Hotel 0 2247 0123 ext. 1928, Asia Books (Sukhumvit Brunch) 0 2651 0428-9 and Asia Books (Peninsula Branch) 0 2253 9786-8. For more information call 0 2247 0123 ext. 1928 Khun Suwannee

Master Patcharapol, the baby boy who made history

Patcharapol Panrak

Five years ago, Master Patcharapol Khanthachawana made the news headlines worldwide, although he didn’t realize it at the time.

Mrs Bunying Khanthachawana, at the age of 38 and who had been sterilized 12 years before, did not know that she was pregnant. She had gone to doctors at the Queen Sirikit Hospital on Sattahip Naval Base because she thought she had a stomachache. The doctors found Bunying had an entopic pregnancy, and was already into her fifth month.

The Khanthachawana family.

With her husband, Chief Warrant Officer Montree Khanthachawana, 53, standing by even more anxious than the average pregnant father, Bunying was transferred to Chulalongkorn Hospital.

There it was found that mother and child were healthy. The medical team waited the full nine-month term and then operated on May 29, 2000. Master Patcharapol weighed in at 2 kilograms. Such was the interest nationwide that Her Majesty the Queen named the infant an honorary member of the Thai Red Cross and made a donation in his name for 20,000 baht.

A few days ago Pattaya Mail visited the home of Chief Warrant Officer Montree and Bunying and found Master Patcharapol in good health, intelligent and very naughty. He is now five years old and is just like any other boy his age.

The obstetricians and delivery team checked 40 years of retrospective data and found that only three cases were comparable but that all of them had been operated on before the full pregnancy term because the babies were not fully healthy.

Master Patcharapol is therefore unique, just like any other baby boy born to loving parents but in this case with a claim to something that little bit extra special.

Applications accepted

I-TIM, the International Hotel and Tourism School, Bangkok, is now accepting applications for the January 2006 intake. All nationalities are welcome, with minimum entry level M.6 or high school. I-TIM offers a two year diploma program and a one year certificate. The first year includes five months internships in Thailand including Chiang Mai, with salaried overseas internships available in the second year of the diploma program. For further information visit www.i-tim.ac.th e-mail [email protected] or telephone 0 2732 0170

Skål Thailand Prepares to celebrate 50th Anniversary

As Thailand prepares for the upcoming Skål World Congress in 2006, the expected 1500 delegates will also help the country celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Skål Movement in Thailand.

Seen visiting Thailand recently was the Hon. World President of Skål International, Uzi Yalon (2nd left). Pictured welcoming him were Thailand’s President of Skål International, Malai Sakolvipak (2nd right) and President of Skål International Bangkok, Brian Sinclair Thompson (right). Skålleague and General Manger of the Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok, Andrew J Wood (left) was on hand to offer a warm welcome. Thailand will be the host country for the 2006 Skål World Congress which will take place in October 2006 at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall.

Commenting on the planned celebrations in 2006, president of Skål International - Thailand, Malai Sakolvipak said, “We are very excited, as Thailand celebrates His Majesty King Bhumibol’s 60th Anniversary on his accession to the throne, the Skål Club of Thailand also joins this auspicious occasion with its own 50th Anniversary celebrations next year. Skålleagues from around the world will join members of Thailand’s five Skål Clubs from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Pattaya and East Thailand.”

Skål International is the world’s largest association of travel and tourism professionals, with over 23,000 members worldwide, in 500 clubs in 87 nations. The association was founded in 1934.

When Cindy weds Byron - part two

Aunty Sue

Loath to have missed the celebrity wedding of the year on 29th July, close friends of the Burbridges decided to celebrate the marriage of Cindy Burbridge and Byron Bishop with a party of their own. Held in the spacious and luxurious penthouse of Bruce and Judy Hoppe with pot-luck fare provided by the guests, and bar and buffet setting by the Amari Hotel, the party was great fun. Bruce was also feted with a cake for his birthday which was one week before.

Cindy Burbridge and Byron Bishop were married on July 29.

Cindy, the daughter of long-time Pattaya residents Pat and Bill Burbridge, “morphed” from a gangly teenager via her 1996 Miss Thailand World title to her present status as the sweetheart of the national and international catwalk and the various national media in just 9 years. Byron, the dashing young Californian she met on the catwalk almost 8 years ago, has also had a busy modeling and TV career in Thailand. A few other enterprises keep both on the move constantly.

Cindy’s mum never had any doubt that this young man was right for her daughter. “The first time Byron attended a party at my house, I saw him skulking behind a bush with a fistful of my paper napkins. A few minutes later he emerged with a perfectly crafted long-stem white paper rose for me.” Perfect move, Byron!

Well, Cindy and Byron, we all wish you all the best on your catwalk of married life and we’ll be looking for the next excuse to hold another celebration for you two ... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Pattaya promotes an International Art Exhibition

Local A.R.T. Collective brings Thai and international artists together under one umbrella

Artists are notoriously individualists, but sometimes it becomes obvious that the artistic community needs to become a cohesive unit, despite the differences in style, concept and medium. Chiang Mai has a very strong community, made up of expat and Thai artists, that has worked well for the promotion of the individual’s art, as well as for the city of Chiang Mai as a tourist destination.

The Pattaya A.R.T. Collective aims at grouping individual artists in exchanging knowledge, experience and vision by presenting an annual project to the public. The Collective offers structure and support to individual thoughts and creativity, but by no means stipulates guidelines or borders since art has no limits.

To introduce this concept to Pattaya citizens, the first project is a group exhibition of the A.R.T. Collective where all artists emphasize and submit works that they feel would raise “art awareness” and underline how this message is conveyed in their works.

Talented artists need recognition and public spaces to exhibit their work. The City of Pattaya and the Royal Garden Plaza have been very willing to support the collective’s goal to raise art awareness in Pattaya and profiled themselves as generous sponsors for this first event. Many other sponsors were found to support the collective in producing an art exhibition of international standards for which the artists are truly grateful and which deepens their belief that it is time for change. All these contributions can make a difference to Pattaya and ensure the establishment of a genuine art scene.

The exhibition will be on the second floor of the Royal Garden Plaza, with the official opening on Saturday evening of the 15th of October, and the exhibition will run until the 30th of October.

This exhibition marks a turning point in the future direction of the arts in Pattaya, and “Art Raising Thoughts” International Art Exhibition should be of interest to anyone who is involved in the future of Pattaya as a true international tourist city.

Obituary: John J. Moore

26 April 1925 - 1 October 2005

John J. Moore, 81, a native of Oregon, USA and long time resident of Pattaya was laid to rest at Wat Po on Naklua Road on October 6, 2005.

John was a charter member and a major influence in establishing the Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States Post 9876 in Pattaya. He was a founding member of the Pattaya Sports Club and an avid golfer for many years, winning his final tournament in 2001.

Veterans of foreign wars members participated in his funeral, honoring him for his military service. John served onboard a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Pacific during World War II, earning several awards, including a personal letter of commendation from Admiral Forrestall, Secretary of the Navy.

John had a large number of friends in Pattaya, many of whom were on hand for his final farewell at the Wat.
May you rest in peace John.