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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Jesters Charity Drive scores with twenty Platinum Sponsors – So Far!

JCD 2005 Sponsors (03/08/05)

Interact Club appoints new committee

Horseshoe Point Pony Club goes to competition

Vocational training puts Rayong’s young people on career path

Student cleanup operation leaves Pattaya with spruce beach

Jesters Charity Drive scores with twenty Platinum Sponsors – So Far!

Mike Franklin

The Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ Charity Drive is pleased to publish the 2005 events poster with the twenty Platinum sponsors credited so far. (The valued Gold, Silver & Bronze sponsors are too numerous to detail on the poster, but are listed below.) The most recent Platinum additions are Misty’s A-Go-Go and, from Bangkok, the Point of View Media Group.

Through POV we have fifty prime advertising locations in Bangkok displaying the color poster featured on this page, thus extending the Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ appeal wider than ever before. A further fifty of the A.3 size poster (print kindly sponsored by I.J.Siam Co., Ltd.), are available for local display and can be obtained at the Pattaya Mail office, Jameson’s, TQ Beach Road, Viking Beachcomber and Diana Inn.

More copies of the color poster, and the colorful bumper sticker featured on this page, are also available at these outlets.

By displaying these items you will be contributing towards the success of the Jesters Children’s Fair on Sunday September 11th at the Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range, and the Jesters Pub Night on Saturday September 17th at Jameson’s the Irish Pub at Nova Park.

‘Care for Kids’ along with the Jesters, and help us support children in need.

Few images from Children’s Fair last year.

JCD 2005 Sponsors (03/08/05)

Platinum: Baltex Industries, BlueScope, Classroom, Club Nevada, The Honourable Golf Society of Hogs Breath Masters, Jameson’s, Laem Chabang International Terminal, MBMG International, Mike Koerner, Misty’s Agogo, Nirvana Resorts, Nova Park Hotel, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya Sports Club, Point of View Media Group, PRO Services/ITT Industries, SJ Lake Consulting Services, SCC-Dow Group, Tetra Pak Tubex Inc., Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbines (Thailand)

Gold: TQ, Anonymous, Tetra Pak Tubex Inc, Chevron Offshore (Thailand) Ltd., Q Cars, Foster Wheeler

Silver: Baker Family, Paladeau Family, Joan Richards, Brunel Energy, ISE High School Student Council, Bayer Thai Co. Ltd., Promech Resources, Farmer/Jetter Families, Logans Thailand Co. Ltd, Lafreniere Family plus*, Oil States Industries (Thailand), Northern Thai Group, Canadian Jackalope Open, BES Energy Resources

Bronze: Joe Otter, Rose Family (x2), Niel and Alice Poulsen, The Classroom (x 2), Mike Koerner plus*, Bruno Pingel, Tetra Pak Tubex Inc, plus*, James Lebida (x 2), John Hoven plus*, Baker Family, Mad Dog MC plus*, Ernie Bakke plus*, Joan Richards plus*, Regents’ School Secondary Student Guild, Thai Garden Resort, Marriot Spa and Resort (x 2), Walter Blackbrow, Mark Muehr, Norm Aylward, North Shore Real Estate (Thailand), Fleetcare (Thailand), PH3 Aussie Run plus*, Power Station, Ronnie Gorrie, I.J. Siam Co. Ltd, Steve Ball, Jardine, Katoen Natie, Mr. Drain, GE Supply, Mike Kutner

*indicates also donated to our Pledge Program

Interact Club appoints new committee

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

New committee members of the Interact Club were appointed for the 2005-2006 administrative year at a meeting held at Banglamung School on July 30, attended by club members, Rotary Club members, parents and local dignitaries.

Chris Gibbins, Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club president 2005-2006, congratulates Miss Atthaya Petcharat, new president of the Interact Club.

Outgoing Interact President Miss Maethinee Sraiburi reported on the year’s performance and then introduced the new committee before handing over the office to incoming president Miss Atthaya Petcharat.

The Interact Club at Banglamung School was established on August 8, 1992 and has been headed since its inception by Andre Comow. Members are students between the ages of 12 and 18 years, from the secondary and pre-college levels. The purpose of the club, that has as its motto “Service Above Self”, is to serve society under the support of Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club. Currently there are over 50 members.

Chris Gibbins, newly appointed president of the Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club, was present at the meeting to introduce Rotary committee members to the new Interact committee.

The Interact Club at Banglamung School

Horseshoe Point Pony Club goes to competition

Fun was the name of the game and for sure it can be said that this aim was achieved. What was the cause of this excitement? It was the first gymkhana and jumping competition between the Horseshoe Point Branch of the Pony Club and the Garden City Polo Branch of the Pony Club.

The Horseshoe Point four-person team won 22 rosettes between them.

Sally Jones who is also the district commissioner for Thailand runs the Horseshoe Point Branch. The two branches decided to challenge one another to a series of competitions, the first one being hosted at Garden City Polo, Bang-Na recently.

Months of preparation involving the ponies and riders followed and then the day before the competition the riders in the team met to clean the saddles and bridles plus shampoo their ponies. The next morning Pikachu, Raspberry, Koko and Mojo were loaded into the horsebox at the crack of dawn to start their slow journey towards Bangkok with their riders following a few hours later.

The months of practicing paid off as the members had tremendous pleasure in playing the gymkhana games such as the bending race, which sees the rider controlling their pony in and out of cones. The egg and spoon race demonstrates skill on horseback as the rider not only controls their pony but also balances an egg on a spoon at the same time at speed. Musical sacks proved to be the most exciting game with a tremendous contest between two riders from both clubs who reached the last two competitors. Both riders showed fighting spirit to win the game in true Pony Club style.

The Horseshoe Point four-person team won 22 rosettes between them and many for first place creating many memorable moments.

In the afternoon there was a jumping competition involving the Pony Club member who could jump the highest taking first place. The winner was a deaf rider from the Horseshoe Point Branch, who jumped the highest on the smallest pony, Koko; together they cleared 80 cm.

Above all, fun, skill, determination and safety were the name of the game. The Horseshoe Point Branch members returned home victorious and happy. The return competition is scheduled later in the year, of which the Horseshoe Point Branch will practice thoroughly once again.

The Pony Club is open to young people up to 21 years of age and anyone interested in joining can contact Sally Jones at the International Riding School at Horseshoe Point on 038 735050 ext: 4016 or Ext 4017.

Vocational training puts Rayong’s young people on career path

Suchada Tupchai

The new training building of the Child and Youth Training Centre in Rayong was the venue for a vocational education project for the underprivileged, marked by a presentation ceremony on July 20.

Ribbon cutting to open the activities (from left to right), Nopadol Kappapiyabut, representative of the Child and Youth Training Centre in Rayong, Mangkorn Harirak, director of policy and the vocational education department, Wanchai Rutchanawong, directing judge for the protection of children and the youth department, and Chaiyapat Sreomsuwan, chief judge of the juvenile and family court in Rayong.

Wanchai Rutchanawong, directing judge for the protection of children and the youth department, Mangkorn Harirak, director of policy at the vocational education department, and Chaiyapat Sreomsuwan, chief judge of the juvenile and family court in Rayong, were present to award plaques to the organization’s supporters.

Judge Wanchai presents a plaque to PILC representative Roseanne Diamente.

Director of Maptaput Technical College Adul Korcem said that Kanchanapisek Mahanakorn Technical College, Sarapadchang Engineering College at Rayong, and Maptaput Technical College had a support budget and specialists available for the occupational training of young people, which would be conducted via the Child and Youth Training Centre.

Judge Wanchai presents a plaque to RLC representative Roseanne Kylie Grimmer.

The project has been divided into two parts, computer engineering and motorcycle engineering. The concept is to help young people find productive work and keep them away from the temptations of crime. The courses are for a duration of 225 hours, with a total of 69 students making up the first intake.

Directing Judge Wanchai said that education is vital for young people, who are an important resource for the country. Cooperation from many organizations is needed to ensure that youngsters from the province, who often come from disturbed or impoverished backgrounds, have the opportunity to stay away from trouble and lead productive and happy lives.

Judge Wanchai presents a plaque to the representative of Jester’s Care for Kids.

He said that the vocational training program will allow them to acquire knowledge and skills that they can use as a basis for an occupation once they enter the workforce.

Amongst the supporting organizations were the Pattaya International Ladies Club, the Rayong Ladies Circle, and Jester’s Care for Kids.

Student cleanup operation leaves Pattaya with spruce beach

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

A mass cleanup of Pattaya Beach by students, beach concessionaires, officers from the sanitation and environmental department and the general public was conducted during the afternoon of July 26, inaugurated by Deputy Mayor Wuttisak Rermkijakarn.

The students show that they can put fun and energy into cleaning every square inch of the beach.

Along with the garbage that collects along the beach, nature’s detritus such as seaweed and sharp stones that can hurt the feet of swimmers and sunbathers was also being collected. The stones are brought in by the tide, the current depositing quantities at locations such as the old pier at South Pattaya Beach and the curved stretch of sand near the Dusit Resort.

Amongst the students taking part in the cleanup were children from Pattaya schools 3, 7 and 8. Many overseas visitors, seeing the gusto put into the exercise, happily joined in and the result was, for the time being, a pristine beach.

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