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Vol. XIII No. 32
Friday August 12 - August 18, 2005

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Markus Burkhart

Brown water off Jomtien Beach

Stray dogs lovers

Lady Monsoon

Markus Burkhart


Markus Burkhart, who wrote under the pseudonym “Stoney”, was probably the best-known news writer about nightlife in Pattaya. He wrote German columns for many magazines, including the Farang. He also wrote the news releases for many Walking Street a-go-gos. He died in Chonburi Hospital on May 30, 2005, at the young age of 50. Here is my tribute:

I met Markus Burkhart (Stoney) 15 years ago. I was sitting on a beach chair at Jomtien Beach, and after greeting him, I discovered he could speak perfect English. In a few moments of conversation, I realized he was one of the most intelligent persons I had ever met.

I hold two doctor degrees, and while being tested at the University of Pittsburg in USA, I ranked in the 93rd percentile of PhDs worldwide.

But Markus, who never attended university, was ever bit my peer. We became immediate and fast friends, a close relationship that remained firm until his untimely death.

I am the director of a social organization caring for orphans in India, and each year I flew to India. I stopped in Pattaya for about 8 weeks to visit Markus. For several years we met at the beach, swam for a few hours, had dinner, and then went out till the early morning hours.

Nine years ago he told me of a Thai lady in his building who was pregnant. The baby was born a boy, and named “Boy.” I watched him grow, and knew Markus secretly gave money to feed, clothe, and educate the child. At age 3, Markus brought Boy to my swimming pool, and after that I saw both of them every day. Markus confided to me that he wanted a companion for his old age, and hoped to adopt Boy (he named him Roy Burkhart). I knew all the details of the process of making Boy his son. And what a shame that after caring for Boy all those years, Markus left so suddenly without enjoying Boy’s company in his old age.

Three years ago I began staying in Pattaya for six months, and our friendship cemented further.

We discussed politics, music, technical data about TV and stereo, and life in Pattaya. He was knowledgeable in every field a PhD would discuss. I am sure we talked tens of thousands of hours during those interesting 15 years of close friendship. We shared our ideas about health, family, personal relationships. He was closer to me than my own brother.

I left Pattaya on April 19, 2005, several days after he left with Boy to visit his parents in Germany. I e-mailed him after his return to Pattaya, but received no reply. Just last week Stephan Matter wrote me of his untimely death.

I was in shock, then grief, then anger that my friend died when I was not there to help him. Our friendship will be indelibly imprinted on my heart until we meet on the other side.

Goodbye, my friend. My vision is blurred with tears, and I will hold your memory closely in my heart.

Dr. Johannes Maas
International President
WFM, Inc.

Brown water off Jomtien Beach

This picture was taken on my usual stroll along Jomtien Beach on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m., as the tide came in it brought with it miles of a disgusting brown sludge.

Regards David Barlow

Editor’s note: This often happens when we receive a lot of rain, as the fresh water rain mixes with the salt water it turns brown. It looks bad, but is in fact a natural occurrence.

Stray dogs lovers

Dear Editor,

I read about stray dogs rescued by Derek Doyle with delight. Two years ago on Aug. 15, 2003, we had a problem with stray dogs living around our condo on Thepprasit Road. With the help of Pattaya Mail, now it is safe for them to stay at the condo. Now we have eight all together.

Thank you Pattaya Mail. On this occasion we would like to express our wishes to you: congratulations and best wishes for your 12th Anniversary. Sorry, we are late, but better than nothing.

Teresa et Georges

Lady Monsoon

She so delights in twirling her skirts
to whisk in spirals - upliftings
of plastic, paper and leaf
from every side of road and path
crackling out her dazzling voltage
The clouded sky announces her performance
with troubled rumble
and explosive bang
Embracing all, in her urgent direction
this way and that - she changes suddenly
Then gathers in - to slap herself down
along the stretch of asphalt and concrete
to exert her force on each precarious roof
She penetrates all crevices
of earth’s intricacy
Then leaves behind her wash and flood
Her smile reflected in wet roads
Her beauty in clean air
And all green is grateful
Jomtien Hotpapa

Editor’s note: Evidently the monsoon blew away part of this poem last week, so we are reprinting it, in its entirety, again this week.

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