Tourists pack popular destinations in North, Northeast


CHIANG RAI, Oct 27 – It is winter again in Thailand and several popular tourist destinations, especially those in the North and Northeast are, undoubtedly, packed with local and foreign tourists. 

Many adventurous tourists are brave enough to travel up to the tops of high mountains in the North before the sun rises to appreciate the beauty of the sea of fog and wildflowers which are blooming at this time of year.

Those who have travelled to Thailand’s northernmost province of Chiang Rai would know immediately that tourists are literally everywhere, especially in the province’s most attractive places.

For example, Doi Mae Salong in Mae Fah Luang district where ethnic minority hilltribes grow and sell organic tea, the weather atop the mountain early Sunday dropped to just 15 Celsius, but the chilly weather was not an obstacle as large crowds of tourists strolled and admired the beauty of tea plantation.

Hilltribe vendors normally enjoy a slow-paced life. But not today as their products, including vegetables and fruits which are normally grown in colder climates, but now are planted in Chiang Rai and are quickly sold out to visitors.

Weekend visitors trekking around Phu Soi Dao National Park in Uttaradit province bordering Lao felt the cold weather as the temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius.

Wildflowers bloomed and emitted varied fragrances throughout the entire park.

Amazed tourists viewed crystal clear dew on park grass as provincial weather forecasters announced that the minimum temperature atop the mountain would be around 14 degrees Celsius–and winter this year will be much colder than usual.

In the northeastern province of Ubon Ratchathani bordering Lao, tourists flocked to admire the natural beauty of Pha Taem National Park and to also become the first to view the sun when it rises in Thailand.

The Meteorological Department calculated when the sun rises in the countryside from this area.

Tourists could also see the mighty Mekong River separating Thailand from Lao and simultaneously could see wildflowers which usually bloom from October to Feburary.

Closer to the Thai capital, a new tourist destination called Khao Kra Jom in Ratchaburi province is receiving huge attention from enthusiastic tourists.

Weather this morning there measured only 15-16 degrees Celsius.

The province also offers several exciting tourism spots, especially along the Thailand-Myanmar border.