Tourism Department organizes a training session for tour guides


BANGKOK, 14 July 2015, The Department of Tourism and the Office of Silpakorn University Academic Services, held a workshop on Monday to instruct tour guides in Phuket in work skill development.

The workshop is a part of a project to enhance the professionalism of tour guides in Thailand. The event was well-received by tour guides from several travel agencies in the Province.

Talks on ‘the future of Thai tour guides’, ‘the direction of local tourism in the near future’ and ‘the tour guide analysis for competition in the ASEAN Economic Community’ were also part of the event.

The workshop was aimed at informing attendees of related news & tourism activities, discussing global and local tourism directions, potential, strategy and trends in the profession. Event-goers exchanged experiences with one another, and are expected to contribute ideas in addressing problems in the tourism sector.