Agricultural exports grow despite negative factors


BANGKOK, 14 July 2015, The Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) has stated that Thailand’s agricultural exports showed growth, despite the ailing Chinese economy and the ongoing drought crisis.

The statement was made by OAE Secretary-General Lersak Rewtarkulpaiboon. He compared annual export values to China, which included tapioca, rice, latex, durian, mangosteen and lychee.

Last year, agricultural exports to China were valued at 806.4 billion baht. Mr. Lersak said that during the first five months of this year, the figure has already totaled 309.3 billion baht. Several products showed signs of growth, thanks to the increased income of Chinese citizens. This resulted in greater consumption of imports from Thailand, despite a declining Chinese economy.

The OAE chief indicated that current weather conditions, which are transitioning from drought to monsoon, have not affected the price of agricultural products.