Tourism active ahead of New Year


NAN, Dec 29 – Tourism is booming in Thailand’s northern and southern regions alike, just ahead of the approaching New Year.

Both Thais and international visitors have been flocking to various tourist destinations in Thailand’s northern Nan province, especially the Ancient Salt Wells in Bo Kluea district.

The attractions has been receiving 2,000 visitors daily, as most are interested in seeing the salt wells in the middle of a village used to produce rock salt, the only mountain salt production in the world.

Apart from visiting the salt wells, tourists also get the chance to experience peaceful nature and cooler temperatures.

Visitors can also get great bargains in the form of salt produced by local villagers as souvenirs for their families and friends.

Meanwhile, Wat Phra Srirattana Mahatat Woramahaviharn in Pitsanulok province was packed with local tourists, using using the opportunity to stop at the temple to pray to the Phra Buddha Shinarat statue for good luck and fortunes while on their way back to their hometowns in the northern and northeastern Isan regions.

Many tourists also brought their families to make merit before heading out to their final destinations.

Further south, many tourist attractions in Songkhla province have also become crowded ahead of New Year, particularly at Samila Beach, which has been crowded with Thai, Singaporean and Malaysian tourists alike.

Families were also taking turns for photos with the popular mermaid statue as souvenirs.


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