Bang Chak to peg fuel prices during the holiday period


BANGKOK, 30 December 2014 (NNT) – Bangchak will not raise gas prices as part of its attempt to make commuters happier during the New Year celebrations.

Mr Wichien Ussanachote, CEO of Bangchak Petroleum says Bangchak has also increased all of its fuel stockpiles to cater to the rising demand during the holiday period.

The gas company will not only peg its fuel prices but will also decrease them if the value of crude oil declines.

Gasohol 95 is currently sold at 30 baht per liter, Gasohol 91 at 28.28 baht, Gasohol E20 at 26.68 baht, Gasohol E85 at 22.48 baht and Diesel at 26.89 baht per liter.

Coffee shops and convenience stores at more than 300 Bangchak’s chain gas stations nationwide will extend their opening hours to 06.00 hrs. – 20.00 hrs.