Thailand listed among world’s least rude countries for travelers


BANGKOK, 15 April 2012 – According to a recent survey by famous Scottish travel website, Skyscanner, Thailand is one of most polite countries for travelers whereas France, Russia, UK, Germany and China tops the list of the World’s rudest countries. 

Skyscanner asked 1,200 tourists from Europe, North America and Australia to vote for the “World’s rudest countries for travelers” via an online poll. Among the 34 options provided in the survey, France was voted the rudest country in the world by almost 20% of the respondents. Skyscanner explained that the French are known for their “abrupt and curt nature”, especially while facing tourists.

Other countries with a reputation for impoliteness towards travelers include Russia (16.6%), the United Kingdom (10.4%) and Germany (9.93%).

Among Asian countries, China received the highest vote for impoliteness at 4.3%, occupying the sixth place on the World’s rudest countries for travelers list. A Chinese etiquette expert, Lawrence Lo, pointed out language barriers and cultural differences as the two major factors behind the ranking.

Thailand, on the other hand, ranked number 31 on the list of the 34 rudest countries in the world, which puts Thailand in the top five of the world’s least rude countries for travelers, among Portugal, the Philippines, Caribbean countries and Brazil.