TAT and A Day Magazine organizing trips to encourage eco-tourism


BANGKOK, 20 July 2012  – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Northeastern and Northern Region Offices and A Day magazine are inviting true eco-tourists to join two local celebrities on a unique trip under a concept called ‘7 Green Ways’ to explore and promote eco-tourism in Thailand.

The directors from the two TAT regional Offices, Mrs. Pattamas Wongpattanasiri and Mr. Suphakit Polachan, have joined hands with A Day Marketing Director Mr. Changnoi Kunchon Na Ayutthaya in launching two eco-tourism trips, one to Chiang Khan district of Loei and the other to Nan province.

The two provinces are designated as pilot areas for Thailand’s ‘Going Green’ policy, which is targeting the younger generation’s participation and responsibilities in conserving the environment.

The first trip, which will be in Chiang Khan, will take off from September 14th -16th, 2012. One of the local celebrities, Sean Chindachote, will lead the first group of tourists to this peaceful town of Loei. They will get to cycle along the Mekong River and reminisce about the beauty of the past.

Participants will also get to take part in the alms giving in the morning and join a cooking lesson where they will learn how to prepare traditional dishes. As the city is famous for its sea of fog, these eager eco travelers will be taken to the mountain top to see the fog by themselves.

Those who are interested in joining Sean on this trip are encouraged to send a photo from any of their trips together with an A4-long essay describing their experiences to [email protected] before September 3, 2012. Only 40 selected individuals will have the opportunity to go on this trip.

The second trip led by Pae Arak, a famous singer and actor, will begin from October 12th-14th this year. This trip will be more culturally involved. Since the trip will be in Nan province, participants will get to experience the traditional Lanna way of life and enjoy a wood trek to find special tea leaves which they will use to make original ‘Miang’ tea. Also included in the trip is a traditional ‘Khan-tok’ meal. People are invited to send an A4-long essay or a poem persuading people to come to Nan. Each entry must contain the phrase “Yu-nan-nan-nan-na” and be sent to [email protected] by October 1.