Special Report: Central Food Hall launches Taste of USA 2012


Central Food Retail Co. Ltd., the operator of Central Food Hall and Tops supermarkets, in partnership with the U.S. embassy, is launching an annual special event entitled ‘Taste of the USA 2012’ for its customers. The event is held from June 13- July 10 at 30 Central Food Retail outlets and Tops Supermarkets nationwide. 

The event is the fifteenth of its kind for the Thai grocery chain. The Taste of USA 2012’s opening ceremony at Central World’s Food Hall was presided over by US ambassador to Thailand, Kristie A Kenney. In addition to strengthening commercial ties between Thailand and the United States, the exhibition of American food products is aimed at increasing Thai consumers’ awareness of the variety of these products as well as introducing to the Thai market a range of new premium quality products imported from the United States.

The food fair gives Thai shoppers the opportunity to sample and purchase the most well-known imports from the US, which include fresh cherries, Maine lobsters, and a variety of baked goods and sweets.

Mr Alistair Taylor, President of Central Food Retail Co.,Ltd., said American food products are globally renowned for its taste and quality. Due to a recent shift in culinary trends in Thailand, resulting from the increasing number of Thais travelling aboard and experiencing new food cultures, a surge in demand for overseas food imports is prominent.

He elaborated that the giant grocery chain has already imported 10,000 overseas products into its stores, and Taste of USA 2012 is expected add up to 20-30 percent of the products to its shelves.

Central Food Retail Group is currently the largest supermarket chain in Thailand, operating since 1996, and is one of the business units under Central Retail Cooperation Limited (CRC). The company currently operates 215 branches nationwide, with 131 stores in Bangkok and 84 stores located in other regions of the country.

According to Mr Alistair, Central Food Retail, the largest supermarket chain in Thailand, has predicted a 12-percent growth year-on-year and a 20-25 percent increase in the next fiscal year.