Pattaya tourist community cleans up Cosy Beach


On the 11th February, 50 people from local companies, Green Pattaya, volunteers and Pattaya City Hall cleaned up Cosy Beach. Three trucks were fully loaded with rubbish removed from the beach.

The theme for the cleaning was bring your own food and share with others and many of the local hotels did just that. All the cleaners could taste delicious chicken, sausage rolls, cakes and other snacks. The food was provided by Nova Group, Siam Bayview Hotels, Green Leaf Hotels and as usual Kingdom Property provided water.

Hotel staff and Green Pattaya volunteers cleaning.Hotel staff and Green Pattaya volunteers cleaning.

The decision to come back to Cosy Beach after just one month was made due to the fact that the last cleaning had covered all but a nasty pit of plastic and rubbish in an old water gully at one end of the beach. Previously Green Pattaya had taken away one truck of rubbish from the gully, and this time 50 people helped at the event and carried a further three trucks of rubbish up the stairs, but still there was some rubbish left.

International Thai students came to help.International Thai students came to help.

The problem is that the gully, once formed by running water, leaves a convenient dip in the ground for people on the beach to imagine that there is no harm in using it as a dump. When it looks like a garbage dump it probably is a garbage dump. One “mama” who normally settles on this spot was not there to direct GP on her potential claims, and so no one knew what we could or could not remove, thereby creating discussions and delays. However, they were kind enough to provide free drinks which were much appreciated.

Hotel staff trying to determine garbage dump or beach?Hotel staff trying to determine garbage dump or beach?

Indicative of the problem was something that occurred when the Green Pattaya team took their lunch break. Tourists wanting to discard their rubbish, seeing no bins but seeing the messy area on the beach, put their rubbish there in the gully Green Pattaya was cleaning.

Green Pattaya will work with city hall to get some signs to the area and to talk with the people who make money from the beach. We will also be back on the beach after Songkran with another cleaning before the rainy season begins.

The next Green Pattaya event is on the 29th March between 09.00 and 13.00 and you and guests are welcome to come and see or join in at any time during this event.

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