Pattaya Crocodile Farm reopens to welcome back the tourists

A heart-stopping moment when man avoids being bitten by a crocodile.

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm reopened on Sunday Oct 31 to welcome tourists both Thai and foreign to their world-class tourist attraction.

Mr. Suan Panomwattanakul, executive of the establishment told reporters Oct. 30, that the tourist park was closed for over a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic when no foreign tourists were allowed to come to Thailand. That effectively forced them to close their operations.

But now that the country is reopening again to foreign tourists, he hopes to be able to give the visitors as much enjoyment and hospitality as they had become accustomed to getting from the Thai people.

The crocodile farm is located on 200 rais (80 acres) of land in Nong Plalai subdistrict in the Pattaya suburb.

Children just love to feed the giraffes.

Mr. Suan said. “Even though the farm was closed for a very long period, all the animals were very well taken care of. In preparation for the reopening, we have also made many improvements and added a lot more attractions for the enjoyment of our visitors.

“We have exhibits that include Tigers, Bird Park, Sambar Deer, Crocodile Pool, Mekong Giant Catfish, Elephant Activity Area and a Mini Zoo” said Suan.

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm is open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Directions: The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

There must be tens of thousands of fish in the many ponds in the park.

How do you feed a crocodile? With a long pole from far away.

Elephants are the darling of any park or zoo in the world.