Khao Kheow Open Zoo to promote Humboldt penguin


CHONBURI, 12 October 2013 The penguins at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo are out under the sun after constant rain forced them to stay indoors. The zoo will hold the “Come Back Penguin” event to promote the Humboldt penguin later this month. 

Twenty-three Humboldt penguins were released to enjoy fresh air again after being kept indoors most of the time during the rain. Zoo keepers have been taking good care of them and making sure they are well-fed. The keepers want them to walk and exercise to prepare for the “Come Back Penguin” event slated for October 23rd. Activities related to the Humboldt penguins will be held at the zoo.

Humboldt penguin is a medium-sized penguin, growing up to 65 centimeters tall, weighing around 4 kilograms. They cannot fly, but are good swimmers. Humboldt penguins are mostly found along the coast in Peru and Chile. Their dietaries are fish and shrimps. The penguins are social animals.