Cold spell affects mountain students in Nan province


NAN, Dec 26 — Temperatures keep dropping in the northern province of Nan, where seven districts have been declared cold-stricken areas.

Mountain pupils must exercise and study outdoors in the sunlight to keep themselves warm.

This situation happens at Ban Pon School in Pon sub-district of Thung Chang district. 

Teachers led their students to exercise for 10 minutes after the morning national anthem and taught the young outdoors in a grassy field. Kewalin Iamklin, a 6-year-old pupil there, said the concrete school building was too cold in the morning for people to stay inside.

Prayong Saengsiriroj, acting director of the school, said morning temperatures dropped to 10-11 degrees Celsius at the 63 student primary school.

Teachers brought their students back to their classrooms late in the morning when the sunlight became stronger.

Some students had colds and took sick leave.

The seven districts declared cold-stricken areas are Chaloem Pra Kiat, Bo Kluea, Thung Chang, Chiang Klang, Pua, Tha Wang Pha and Song Khwae.

About 130,000 people need winter gear there.