PM says government laying foundation for national stability


BANGKOK, Dec 25 — Announcing the three-month performance report of his government today, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was laying down strong foundations for national stability and hoped the next government would follow suit. 

He vowed once again to take tough action against corrupt officials.

In his statement at Government House, Gen Prayut said that the work of his government had progressed in many areas during its first three months in office from September to December.

However, he said the government still needed cooperation from all parties to ensure a sustainable future for the country.

“The government has three duties. Firstly, it maintains order together with the NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order). Secondly, it administers the country–mainly using normal administrative regulations and more integration of work. Thirdly, it conducts national reform and legislation through the National Reform Council and the National Legislative Assembly.

“The three duties must proceed in compliance with the established roadmap. (An) election will not influence the work because it is already determined by the constitution. But the government will work quickly in all fields,” Gen Prayut said.

Government is trying to prevent violence and protests by passing important laws and facilitating justice, he said.

The prime minister urged government officials to work hard instead of hurting the nation by remaining inactive while waiting for the next government.

Gen Prayut stressed that his government was working for the public interest.