Chiangmai zoo introduces red-shanked douc


Bangkok, July 17 2012 – Chiangmai zoo is preparing to introduce 3 red-shanked doucs which are rare and nearly extinct.

Red-shanked douc is a species of Old World monkey, one among the most colorful of all primates, with 5 colors on its body, grey on its head, blackish red on the forehead, white on the beard, yellow on the cheeks, and red on its shins.

They live in tropical rain forests and highland forests. The red-shanked douc is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN Red List of endangered species due to the fact that they are on the verge of extinction. Director of the Chiang Mai Zoo Tanapat Pongpamorn has revealed that the zoo has been given 3 red-shanked doucs by Dusit Zoo after having succeeded in the red-shanked douc breeding.

At present, those 3 doucs are resting before being introduced to the public. The red-shanked doucs can no longer be found in Thai forests; this species can be seen in Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam only. According to the research, red-shanked doucs can feed up on 450 different kinds of foods. They are quiet and like to stay as a group. Their pregnancy period is 196 days before giving birth to 1 baby. Visitors can appreciate these jungle beauties at Chiangmai zoo, Dusit Zoo, and Khao Kheow Open Zoo