Bangkok ranks 17 among top 29 cities to visit in 2012


BANGKOK, 6 June 2012  – Bangkok, despite its chaotic atmosphere, has been ranked as the world’s 17th must-visit city, according to a guide to the top 29 countries to visit in 2012 compiled by a famous international men’s magazine. 

Online men’s magazine “Askmen” has revealed its annual ranking of the world’s Top 29 Cities to Visit in 2012 based on tourism, beauty, convenience, and trade and investment opportunities.

The number-one city to visit this year is London, England, given its richness in fashion, food and sports, as well as its hosting of the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. Also on the top 5 list are Mumbai (India), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Washington D.C. (USA) and Shanghai (China).

Meanwhile, Bangkok has landed in the 17th spot on the list as it is the gateway to some of the best vacations on earth. The magazine also described Bangkok as sprawling and smoggy, with millions of people crammed into its neon-lit, traffic-congested atmosphere. However, Bangkok’s chaos, with all the crisscrossing streets, over-sized buildings, bustling markets and Michelin-starred restaurants, is a part of the capital’s charms.