Ayutthaya amongst Asian heritage sites in peril


BANGKOK, 6 May 2012  – The Ayutthaya Historical Park has been listed as one of Asia’s most endangered heritage sites by the Global Heritage Fund (GHF). 

The GHF has recently released the “Asia’s Heritage in Peril: Saving Our Vanishing Heritage” report, containing ten of Asia’s archaeological and heritage sites facing irreparable loss and destruction due to factors such as fast development, economic expansion, conflicts, tourism, insufficient management and looting, among others.

On the same list as Ayutthaya Historical Park are also Fort Santiago and Intramuros (Philippines), Kashgar (China), Mahasthangarh (Bangladesh), Mes Aynak (Afghanistan), Myauk-U (Myanmar), Plain of Jars (Laos), Preah Vihear (Cambodia), Rakhigari (India) and Taxila (Pakistan).

The GHF is a non-profit organization that operates internationally to protect and preserve significant and endangered cultural heritage sites in the developing world.