AoT confirms reopening of Don Mueang on March 6


BANGKOK, 28 February 2012  – The Airport of Thailand Public Company Limited (AoT) has confirmed that Don Mueang Airport will resume its operation on March 6. 

The Senate subcommittees on air transport and environment has called for the AoT to clarify Don Mueang Airport’s readiness to resume its services on the scheduled date of March 6, as it is still concerned about germs in the air-conditioning system; as well as fungus on the flooded building structures. In response, AoT executives pointed out that the airport’s interior and air-conditioning system have been revamped to prepare for the reopening. However, arguments on the standard of bacteria and fungus inspection are still ongoing.

A sanitary inspection of Don Mueang Airport was carried out on February 27 by representatives from the Public Health Ministry’s Health Department, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Health Department, and academics from Mahidol University. The result of the inspection will be revealed on March 8. If the hygiene level proves to be lower than the standard, the subcommittees will notify the AoT to reconsider the date of Don Mueang Airport’s reopening.

However, the AoT still stands firm that it will reopen the airport on March 6, given that the equipment of Nok Air airline has already been relocated to Don Mueang Airport and tickets have previously been sold to passengers.