NESDB: Most factories have recovered from flood


BANGKOK, 28 February 2012  – Having recovered from the flood, most factories have resumed operations, except for the electronics and automotive groups which are awaiting new machinery installments. 

National Economic and Social Development Board Secretary-General Arkom Termpitayapaisit disclosed that the Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development (SCRF) meeting, which focused on the progress of the industrial sector’s recovery, found that 44% of the factories situated within industrial estates have begun manufacturing, whereas 78% of those outside industrial estates have also undergone full recovery. Most factories which still remain inactive belong to the electronics and automotive parts group as new machinery has yet to be installed.

Regarding the 4 billion-baht construction of floodwalls around industrial estates, the Ministry of Finance is set to propose that the cabinet provide funding for two-thirds of the total budget.

Additionally, Energy for Environment Director Seri Supharathit has forecast that the flood situation in 2012 will not be as severe as last year since there will be a small amount of rain until the end of the year. However, this will instead cause drought in the country. Consequently, he is prepared to discuss with the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) on plans to release water from the nation’s main dams to assist farmers and prepare for possible drought.